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weird art - telephone on wheels - used intro

“The creation of something new
is not accomplished by the intellect
but by the play instinct
acting from inner necessity.”
— Carl Jung

Weird and Wacky in a nutshell.

Therapist and creativity guru in one, Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery invites the reader into a world awash with cartoons, artwork, and a flare of the bizarre. This is about relapse prevention and survival skills. It’s also about alter egos, fiction-writing, mindless puzzles, and coloring. If you’re looking for an evidence-based but totally different approach to recovery, you’re in the right place.

Sample Worksheets

Missing addiction: how to move forward
Getting to know yourself after recovery
Addiction, creativity, recovery oh my!


weird-art-telephone-on-wheels-used-intro.pngweird art - telephone on wheels - used intro


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