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Addiction, creativity, recovery oh my!

For those of you just joining us: you’ve reached the Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery, or the book’s website at least.  Welcome, and hang out a while.  You don’t have to have an addiction to laugh at our bad jokes.  Below is a sample worksheet.

This handout is part of Section 2, for people who are thinking about quitting.  Based loosely on narrative therapy, the handout gives the reader a chance to stand back and observe addiction from a distance — or, rather, to watch addiction and the “good guy” battle it out on the big screen.  Suspend disbelief & self-doubt and give it a try.  If you come up with something you want to share, please do!  Add it to the comment section below, or message a copy to the authors and we’ll post it anonymously.*

Keep in mind that screen-writing doesn’t have to be about addiction.  If substance abuse and recovery are too close to home, or not part of the landscape at all, choose a different life challenge and slap it up on stage across the “good guy.”  The challenge can be anything: depression, an annoying neighbor, tendency to procrastinate, or a dead end job.  Just write.

*Call for submissions: we’d hoped to offer a prize for each screen play submitted.  Ideas flowed freely, ranging from free acting lessons to all-inclusive, camel-riding photo safaris to Tibet and Nepal.  We’re working on this.  Promise.

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