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T or F: German reality TV show follows alcoholic as he chooses sobriety vs bottle

From page 32, the Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery ( True/false question #1.  Is there really a German reality TV-show that show-cases a person battling addiction, with the public cheering them on for sobriety? Weird and Wacky hasn't hit the market yet, so Appendix C isn't commercially available.  No worries.  We won't leave you… Continue reading T or F: German reality TV show follows alcoholic as he chooses sobriety vs bottle

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Puzzle: 12-step inspiration, oddlike

The following is Handout 87 from the Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery. Remember that inner kid, the one who loves life and imagines a brilliant future?  Okay, now imagine that same child in school learning consonants & vowels, and have a go at the following homework. * The Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery… Continue reading Puzzle: 12-step inspiration, oddlike

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Getting to know yourself after recovery

You've just quit, or did so recently, and the big question comes flooding at you: who are you without drugs and alcohol?    Use the handout below to create and celebrate a drug-free identity. That's a beginning.  Stay tuned for more.   Return to List of Everything.

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Missing addiction & moving forward

Recovery is challenging.  You miss the past, parts of it at least, and the future can be downright scary. This worksheet is a strange, colorful, and passionate 6-page toolkit to help the reader maneuver through mourning the loss of addiction, letting it go, and working towards a future worth living. Back to Weird and Wacky… Continue reading Missing addiction & moving forward

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Addiction, creativity, recovery oh my!

For those of you just joining us: you've reached the Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery, or the book's website at least.  Welcome, and hang out a while.  You don't have to have an addiction to laugh at our bad jokes.  Below is a sample worksheet. This handout is part of Section 2, for people… Continue reading Addiction, creativity, recovery oh my!