About the workbook

No name really
About Weird and Wacky, sample sheets, useless details, and quiz.

What is it, and why use it?

There’s a desperate need for an informal, activity-packed, artsy-fartsy, entertaining, deeply optimistic but clinically-sound workbook to target addiction.  The book should balance evidence-based practice with that playful, right-brained energy people need to get past addiction and create a life worth living.  Welcome to the Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery.  Here worksheets like “Dealing with triggers,” “What to do if you relapse,” and “Mending broken relationships” are complimented with the weird and wacky: mindless puzzles, fiction-writing, inventions, silliness, and random comments that either confuse or make one laugh.  It all needs to be there.

Weird and Wacky offers a six month journey into a muse-filled, silly, and meaningful world where hard work and play go hand in hand.  Worksheets are divided into one-week increments.  Each week includes recovery work, coping skills and resilience building, and a dollop of creativity.  The worksheets are irreverent.  Some are bizarre.  And there’s plenty of coloring, puzzles, and fake personality quizzes too.

Where’s the book?

Right now it sits on the authors’ desk.  We’re looking for an agent.

Sample worksheets include (the book has 90+ handouts):

Getting to know yourself after recovery
Missing addiction & moving forward
Addiction, creativity, recovery oh my!
Relapse Prevention Plan
Mindfulness: practice listening
If you could live your life over, what would you change?

Here’s a little (useless) information about us.

–We use big vocabulary.  You’ll find the vocabulary is informal but littered with big words like “antidisestablishmentarianism,” which is an ongoing theme in addiction, whatever it means.

–We curse all the time.  No, really, we do.  Damn them words.  All friggin’ cuss words have been removed, except for the occasional “damn” and “hell.” The explicative “Christ” is used twice three four times.

–None of our cartoons are childish.  That’s not true.  The cartoons are childish, but childish cartoons are approved for adults too. If you find children wandering about, please alert the authorities. We don’t want to know about them.  They’re definitely not ours.

Post-reading quiz

The authors’ goals include which of the following?

(a) to help people quit using, stay clean, and find a future they love
(b) to get a chuckle from time to time
(c) to end all wars, establish world peace, and find a universal language that pulls mankind together, allowing for friendship and kindness and collaboration…amazing advances, a new Renaissance…


a, b.  The third goal (c) will be addressed at a later time — in the Weird and Wacky Workbook to End All Wars and Other Things.  It will be available in 2178.

Need more? 

If you’re still reading this page after all that, you’re definitely in the right place.  Shoot Dr. Rosenthal a message with your name and contact information, and she’ll let you know when the book’s available.  Thanks so much!


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