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An Overview.

Journey Into Recovery: a Weird and Wacky Addiction Workbook is 200+ pages in length, includes 100+ worksheets, ranging from recovery work and coping skills to memory activities, creative stuff, optional 12-step handouts, and various projects. There are frequent breaks.  Extra resources include a recovery plan, what to do if one relapses, and a question bank of trivia.

The book is divided into 16 separate blocks, each one representing a week.  Daily time devoted will vary.  Typically 45 minutes to an hour is enough.

Here’s the schedule for the first few weeks.


Table of Contents

Recovery Plan

Week One      

Worksheet One: Overview
Worksheet Two: Cow-drawing personality test
Worksheet Three:  Where are you?
Worksheet Four: Sobriety Word search
Worksheet Five: Getting from addiction to recovery
Worksheet Six: Creativity Project 1, symbolic addiction
Worksheet Seven: Puzzle, what’s the difference?
Worksheet Eight: Optional 12-step Corner

Week Two

Start: Question of the week
Worksheet One: Immature creativity warm-up
Worksheet Two: What is Recovery?
Worksheet Three: Creativity Project 2, symbolic recovery
Worksheet Four: Being You (coping skill)
Worksheet Five: Find the cartoon that’s different
Worksheet Six: ways to rise above addiction
Worksheet Seven: Four true-false questions
Worksheet Eight: Cognitive task

Week Three
Start: Question of the week
Worksheet One: Ludicrous, what would you do, warm-up
Worksheet Two: Recovery work, ideal past
Worksheet Three: Exploring the past.
Worksheet Four: Setting boundaries (coping skill)
Worksheet Five: How to deal with boredom (coping skill)
Worksheet Six: introducing affirmations
Worksheet Seven: Creativity Project #3, the past
Worksheet Eight: Recovery work: Stages of Recovery
Worksheet Nine: Simple math, add simple numbers
Worksheet : Optional 12 Step Corner



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