Proposed Table of Contents

weird drawings - pens marching

An Overview.

Weird and Wacky is 185 pages in length, includes 34 addiction & recovery handouts, 16 coping skill sheets, and a gaggle of mindless tasks, puzzles, brainteasers, coloring pages, and whatnot.  There are also multiple pauses and breaks throughout the book.  The appendix includes another 200+ coping skills (so the reader will never run out), a section called “What to do if you relapse,” and the Finale.

You’ll find the Table of Contents below.  A few sample worksheets are available online at  Thanks for visiting!

Part One: From no to recovery and everything in between

Section Zero: “Start here”

  1. Opinion questionnaire
  2. You addicted?
  3. You might be an addict if…
  4. Where you at?
  5. Don’t want to quit

Section One: “Thinking about quitting, maybe, who knows”

  1. Reasons for everything
  2. Looking backwards
  3. If you could live life over
  4. A break, sort of. Wanna color a cow?
  5. Where’s your future going?
  6. Where do you want your future to go?
  7. Rise of the alter ego
  8. Press Pause
  9. How does addiction affect the people you love?
  10. To use or not to use
  11. Got reasons to quit?
  12. Addiction in art
  13. 1000 ways to rise above addiction
  14. Alter ego take two
  15. Ready

Section Two: “Quit? Why yes, thank you.”

  1. Writing a movie
  2. The QUIT plan
  3. Triggers and how to beat them
  4. A few jokes about psychiatrists
  5. The how-to-survive cravings list
  6. No more war stories
  7. The perfect invention
  8. Mistakes
  9. Forgiveness
  10. How are things?

Section Three: “Yep, I quit a while back. What now?”

  1. Missing the past
  2. Getting to know yourself in recovery
  3. The goal list
  4. Mending broken bridges
  5. A break, sort of: got haiku?
  6. Mental health
  7. Future
  8. Another break, sort of: cartoon
  9. What next?

Part Two: How to feel better NOW (and later)

Section Four: “Coping, resilience, and learning to soar”

  1. Overview
  2. Coping skill log
  3. You got stress. We got answers, sort of
  4. Being you
  5. Coloring (Taking time for a walk)
  6. Next time you’re bored
  7. Mindfulness seeing
  8. Mindfulness hearing
  9. A break, sort of. Right brained activity
  10. Don’t like how you feel?
  11. Coloring (Native American maze)
  12. Muscle relaxation
  13. Surviving Distraction 101
  14. Gratitude List
  15. Got stress 2
  16. Draw a maze
  17. Astounding life
  18. Coloring (keys and doilies)
  19. Positive twist
  20. Journaling for meaning
  21. Purpose
  22. Your life in six words
  23. Coloring (music and faces and something)

Section Five: “Puzzles, brainteasers, distraction, coloring…and God knows what else”

  1. Ad libs
  2. Coloring (chasing carrots)
  3. One-person Tic Tac Toe
  4. Ludicrous: what would you do?
  5. Unlike the others
  6. Find happiness
  7. I see shadows
  8. Maze on a page
  9. Sleepy Medusa
  10. Coloring (Too many olives)
  11. More of the same
  12. When errors have errors
  13. What does my dream mean?
  14. F words
  15. Silhouettes
  16. Those friggin’ MENSA questions
  17. Coloring (Oh never mind).
  18. Write a mini-story
  19. Fit as a cucumber
  20. Mazes: key to brain development?
  21. Guess the story
  22. Immature creativity
  23. The (useless) cow personality quiz
  24. Coloring (Technotronic peace cow)
  25. 12-step inspiration
  26. Pair’em up
  27. Congratulations, professor
  28. Don’t call it boggle
  29. Coloring (Watcha-ma-call-it)
  30. Eye stretchers
  31. Another intelligence quiz
  32. Coloring (Mosaíco calidoscópico)


Appendix A – Lists for a happy life

  • The Textbook Coping List
  • The Fun Stuff to Do List
  • The How to Relax List

Appendix B – What to do if you relapse

Appendix C – What to do when you finish this book




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